This Monitor Doubled My Desk Space and I Think Even Carrie Bradshaw Would Be Jealous

My expectation is Carrie Bradshaw sitting at the desk in her New York City apartment (you know, the one with the totally realistic closet) writing her heart out. My reality is living outside of Manhattan with a writing desk I snagged on Amazon that barely fits my desktop and very important “get it girl,” nameplate.

As an editor who often works remotely, having a place to sit and write is as much of a necessity as having a shower or toilet (seriously). And while I dream of a blogger-esque desk with a massive desktop, I could only ever manage a smaller one that I, again, found on Amazon. Even then, the monitor took up most of the desk space and left me feeling like I was living in a cluttered mess.

Since I value aesthetically pleasing things as much as productivity, I did some research to figure out how to make my small home office (the corner of my bedroom, who am I kidding) more functional. Good news, friends. This story has a happy ending because I found a way, and it’s with the Samsung Space Monitor.

True to its name, the monitor gives you more, well, space. Unlike most screens that rest on your desk and take up all of that valuable real estate, the Space Monitor clips to the back of your desk as to not even use an inch of your surface area. So much room for accessories — think of all the cute pen holders and candles you can style with.

Once I attached the monitor to my desk, which took about 30 minutes, I plugged my laptop in and got to work. I felt like I was sitting in an Imax theater, not my desk, and it was kind of incredible. While the Space Monitor goes for $370 if you get the 27-inch screen, it was still more affordable compared to other options. Plus, since it actually creates room instead of taking up any, it’s a solid investment for anyone who appreciates extra space. An added bonus is that you can get it on Amazon, which, you might have realized, is sort of my thing.

I still don’t have a massive closet or live in New York City, but I can say with confidence that Carrie Bradshaw would probably be jealous of my cute and spacious desk situation.

Samsung Space Monitor, Available on Amazon, $370; Shop Now

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