My First Apartment: What $1,100 Will Get You In North Providence, Rhode Island

Location: North Providence, Rhode Island
Square-footage: 650
Bedrooms: 1 
Bathrooms: 1
Monthly rent: $1,100

Nestled inside a renovated mill building in North Providence Rhode Island is quite possibly the coziest first apartment you will ever find. "There's a ton of history here, and a majority of the things I bought are second hand so they have a story behind them too," explains Molly Roonan, who created the perfect space without overspending. 

With 650-square-feet to cover, Molly started with a dreamy cerulean couch (from Marshalls, thank you very much) and decorated around that. "I usually go to my local thrift stores once or twice a week, antique shops, TJMaxx, and HomeGoods," she explains. And, while the studio space looks boho chic and expensive, Molly didn't overspend. "You don't need the most expensive couch or chair to make your space cool," she says, adding that she didn't spend more than $100 on anything in the space. 

Since it's a studio apartment, her kitchen is basically her bedroom, but she's perfected how to make it work. And, whenever it's feeling a little off, you can find Molly rearranging everything. "I move my furniture around quite a bit to try to maximize my space." 

She advises anyone in their first apartment to take it slow. If you’re living in this space for a while, take your time and figure out how you want to design it in a way that you will love. “Google cool local antique stores and become friends with the owners! They’ll let you know when they get something in that might fit your style (trust me, this works!)” Thanks, Molly! And, if you want more of her space, Molly is documenting her finds at @homewithmolls

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