I Gave My Bed an Insomnia-Friendly Makeover and I’ve Never Slept Better 

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As tired as I am literally all of the time, sleep isn’t something that comes easy to me. I shut off all of my technology an hour before bed time, take the time to unwind with tea and my skincare routine every night, and spray lavender on my pillows—and I still have a hard time falling asleep. I can’t seem to get work out of my head, and sometimes I have a hard time even leaving my desk to get *into* bed. So when I found out The Home Depot has all of these cozy, plushy, insomnia-friendly bedding items that would actually make me excited to get into bed at night, I totally splurged. Here, what’s been living on my bed and giving me the best sleep of my life.  

  1. 1. This super soft cotton duvet cover 

    Admittedly, I probably washed my comforter twice last year. I know, I know, I’m gross! But having a duvet cover means my bedding is easy to wash so I can have that fresh-out-of-the-dryer scent on my comforter all the time.  

    Cotton Duvet Cover, SHOP NOW

  2. 2. These plushy pillows  

    I’m convinced there’s absolutely nothing softer. These throw pillows are PEAK coziness and make my bed look super warm and inviting at all hours of the day.  

    Faux Fur 2-Piece Pillow Set, SHOP NOW

  3. 3. A sheepskin area rug that doubles as a plushy throw blanket 

    Sweet dreams are made of these.  

    Sheepskin Area Rug, SHOP NOW 

  4. 4. Sleepytime mood lighting

    These geometric candle votives create a soft, warm wash of light in my room perfect for a bedtime read or cancelling out those blue light waves from my phone and laptop.  

    Gold Gemotric Candle Holders, SHOP NOW

  5. 5. This bedside vanity tray  

    My lavender room sprays, sleeping masks, and nighttime facial rollers officially have a home they deserve. When everything has a home, I sleep better knowing that everything is in it’s place exactly where I can find it.  

    Marble Vanity Tray, SHOP NOW

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