How to Make Even the Ugliest Bathroom Look So Damn Good

When you move into your first apartment, it's likely that there will be one room (or, like, maybe the entire space) you just don't love, and there's a damn good chance it's the bathroom. Decorating a bathroom is certainly not easy. It’s not your fault, it’s just that having a nice bathroom can be expensive, and if you’re renting, you can't just Joanna Gaines it and renovate the hell out of the place, as much as you might dream of it. 

I’ve moved every year for the last like, five years of my life, and every time, I have some issue with the bathroom. I hate the tile, or the paint, or the shape of the room, or the lack of storage space (that last one is a big one). I’ve become kind of an expert at finding products that do double-work for me so that my skincare stash can continue to grow and blossom as my true child in a world of no under-the-sink cabinet.

If you, like me, are looking to step up your bathroom at all times, here are some of my fave products to shop. All the better to take mirror selfies in, am I right?


  1. 1. A chic vanity mirror

    Clarity Vanity Mirror, Dormify, $20; Shop now

  2. 2. A cute, dependable bath mat 

    Citrus Pattern Bath Mat, Society6, $29; Shop now

  3. 3. An artful shower curtain

    Not 4 U Shower Curtain, Society6, $70; Shop now

  4. 4. A skincare organizer 

    Poise Accessory Organizer, Dormify, $22; Shop now

  5. 5. Wall storage that can hold it all

    Adhesive Bathroom Wall Storage, Amazon, $30; Shop now

  6. 6. A shower liner with pockets

    Vinyl Shower Curtain With Pockets, Bed Bath & Beyond, $20; Shop now

Go forth and thrive with your best bathroom yet, and DM us your faves at @HerCampus on Instagram so we can try them out! 

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