6 Ways to Restyle Your Bookshelf With Things You Already Own

Along with baking banana bread and trying out a new hair color, redecorating areas of your space is a great way to entertain yourself right now. The best part is that you can do a lot with things you already own, so you don’t have to break the budget! If you've already reorganized your desk and are in desperate need of a new home decor activity, this is the perfect one for you.

  1. 1. Rearrange your books

    If you're a book nerd, much like myself, your bookshelf is probably filled with so many books, they overflow onto the floor. The fun part of having so many books is that you can reorganize them in many different ways. I recommend color-coordinating as one option, so your books look like a rainbow on the shelf. Changing the layout is another great choice, so some are on their side, while others are upright, to add a bit of texture.

  2. 2. Add some artwork

    Artwork can change the style of your bookshelf in an instant. If you're feeling artsy, you can paint a picture and put it into a nice frame. Or, you can print out a couple of photos and re-arrange them in frames on your shelf. If your shelves are roomy enough, you could even line the space that shows above the books with photos. There’s lots of freedom here, and it’s easy!

  3. 3. Add some greenery

    Plants are a great way to add life into any space, especially when you’re stuck inside for long periods. Placing them as book-ends or on top of your bookshelf, and bringing in different types, from a cactus to a bonsai, are only a few ways you can style them.

  4. 4. Incorporate decorative objects

    You would be surprised to discover that little jewelry box, wine glass, or weirdly shaped star is a great addition to your shelf. This is the fun part of re-styling your bookshelf! Explore your kitchen, your bathroom, and even your closet for items that might make a good addition. You never know what'll work until you try it.

  5. 5. Add baskets for more space

    If you're someone struggling with clutter on your bookshelf, then adding a few baskets is a great way to make your shelf look organized and clean. You can mix it up with boxes or canvas bins, using a mixture of sizes – whatever you have laying around that works. The entire space will be more welcoming with just this addition.

  6. 6. Paint it!

    If you're feeling very crafty and have paint, why not try changing up the color of the shelves or the back of the shelves for an accent, or paint the whole thing if you want! This is a sure way to add some color into your space without going overboard.

Your bookshelf is about to be the envy of all others after this restyling.