7 Ways to Upgrade Your Space Without Breaking the Bank

Does anyone else just feel generally happier when their dorm or apartment is super clean and looking fresh? I think most of us would agree that a happy space equals a happy life, which is why keeping your living environment on trend and stylish can be the best mood booster. This is why it’s so disappointing to see how costly many of the trendiest pieces can be when shopping for a décor upgrade. But don’t think having an awesome space is out-of-reach when you can use these 7 tips to help upgrade your space without breaking the bank!

  1. 1. Find your green thumb

    Glass bottle and potted plant

    Personally, I think that the best way to elevate a space and brighten it up is to invest in some real greenery. You can plant succulents in coffee mugs or little mason jars for a more personal touch, or consider herbs for something functional, too.

    They’re inexpensive (Only $3 at Walmart and $5 at Lowes), easy to care for, and in addition to being undeniably adorable, you can add them to water for a tasty infused beverage or use them in the kitchen for cooking. Keep some on your kitchen window sill for easy access!

    Of course, if you’re incapable of keeping anything alive you can put in some fake plants to help add life and color to your space.

  2. 2. Print your favorite photos

    Laura Claypool-Postcards Dorm Wall Decor Photos Polaroids

    Luckily, one of the most meaningful ways to upgrade a space is also one of the cheapest ways! Photos are something that can add immeasurable charm and coziness to any room, and who doesn’t like remembering good times? Photos are easy to print and can be used in a huge variety of ways. For instance, you can use clothespins and a string to display them around your walls, create a collage, or throw them into a pretty frame—the options really are endless and will all elevate the room.

  3. 3. Shed some light on the matter

    Taili Samson

    Lighting is one aspect of décor that can completely make or break a space’s vibe, so cute lamps are a must-have.

    Pink salt lamps are a huge trend right now and are super affordable at stores like Target and Amazon. Their unique shape adds so much character, and the pink glow makes for the best selfie lighting. Neon signs add a trendy vibe, while fairy lights can make the room seem so much cozier. You can even combine ideas with these fairy lights with lit clips attached to hang your photos!

  4. 4. Get artsy with it!

    Jade Stephens

    Unique artwork can be incredibly expensive, but it can also completely change a room. Instead of going broke over some basic pieces of art, try your hand at creating your own! Something I really enjoy doing is taking photos of pictures I like at places such as Target or Hobby Lobby and recreating them myself. Paint supplies are so affordable and the results will last you forever. I know you’re probably thinking but I’m not good at art or I can’t paint, but believe me: it'll look incredible in the end if you can stick it out! Remember the wise words of Bob Ross: “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

  5. 5. A fresh coat of paint can fix anything

    Arnel Hasanovic Mnd

    Sometimes a cute new color can really revamp an outdated piece of furniture. Spray paint is extremely affordable and super easy to use, and different finishes like glossy or matte can help give you more variety. Kitchen tables, shelves, and cabinets are all great options for painting . If you’re going for that modern-but-still-rustic look, use a little sandpaper after the first coat of paint so you can achieve that “fixer-upper” look.

  6. 6. Bring wallpaper back from the dead

    girl diner miami mural serious

    When most people think of wallpaper, they’re probably imagining the stuffy, old boring stuff that covered every surface at their grandparents’ house. However, wallpaper is coming back and is better than ever! Temporary wallpaper is available at retailers like Target and Walmart and comes in an endless array of styles and colors and to really save money you could even use wrapping paper! Temporary wallpaper is also super easy to remove so you don’t need to worry about commitment, and even in a small amout can really accent a bland room. 

  7. 7. Less is more.

    Bright living room area with green plants

    So many people think that upgrading your space can only mean adding furniture or décor, but they’re so wrong! Minimalizing can also really elevate your style and create a much sleeker vibe. This is also a great option because not only are you spending nothing, you could even make some money by selling unnecessary or outdated furniture! Another way to keep yourself from buying useless clutter is to use what you have! For instance, if you need a place to keep your makeup, why not use a spice rack that you already have, or a set of drawers from your college days? 

Upgrading your space does not mean you have to break the bank, it only means that you might have to get a little creative. Do that, and you’ll be on the right track to have the space of your dreams. 

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