6 Ways to Accessorize Your Bed Like it's Your Desk, Because Sometimes it Be Like that

While interning remotely this summer, I spent most of my days switching back and forth between my bed and desk. After all, if you’re just going to be staring at your computer all day, it doesn’t really matter where you’re sitting.

Flash forward to the fall semester, and Zoom University has brought screen burnout to a whole new level. Worse still, most of us are still doing work from our beds. With few other options for workspace, these six decor hacks to make your bed more study-friendly are essential as we wrap up the semester. I’m not saying that redesigning your bed to function as a desk means you can slack off on your work, but rather it can act as a more comfortable environment to attend class, do online readings and write essays in. You can still be productive while laying in bed, as long as you snuggle in with the right mindset and supply yourself with all the necessary items to guarantee success.

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  1. 1. First things first: buy a laptop bed tray

    Laptop tray

    WFH isn’t a new concept, but it’s become more popular for students and working adults alike during the coronavirus emergency. So if you find yourself doing work from your room and are serious about transforming your bed to resemble something more desk-ish, you definitely need a laptop bed tray. 

    It acts as a buffer between your laptop and body, as well as a hard surface to write on while taking notes. There are a bunch of different styles to choose from, including a cushioned tray ($39) and a laptop tray with foldable legs ($40). 

  2. 2. It’s all about the pillows & blankets

    woman on bed with coffee

    Now that you have your desk, it’s time to embellish your bed with comfortable sheets, duvet covers, blankets, and pillows to guarantee a cozy experience while you’re cramming for finals. The bonus of doing work in your bed is that you’re able to stretch out and snuggle up with a soft blanket, as opposed to sitting at a desk for long hours — which can make you go stir crazy. In my mind, doing assignments while in bed is an act of self-care that we all deserve to indulge in now and then, especially during finals season or when we transition from on-campus to home.

  3. 3. But remember that support & posture are important

    woman sitting on bed

    That being said, it’s important that you aren’t too comfy, in the sense that sitting up in your bed can lead to greater levels of productivity. I recommend purchasing a foam wedge ($44) to act as extra back support, so you can lead against a soft surface while you type emails and Zoom into your classes. Although this foam wedge isn’t as “aesthetic” as cute throw pillows, it’s definitely a necessity in order to get s**t done while sitting in bed.

  4. 4. Have a surface (or pocket) nearby for all the essentials

    laptop in bed

    Another gadget worth purchasing is a bedside caddie ($22) to store books, notepads and pens just an arm's reach away. Of course, you can also use a more traditional bedside table, or a window ledge if you have one nearby.

    You can even store granola bars or your favorite snacks for when you need a boost of energy to power through your last assignment before hitting the snooze button.

  5. 5. You need to hydrate even when you're laying in bed

    Whether you start your day sipping a cup of coffee or tea, it's important to have a water bottle nearby so you can rehydrate throughout the day. What's perhaps even more important for the sake of a bed-desk is that your water bottle or mug has a tight lid so they won’t make a huge mess if hit over. I recommend this 12 oz Insulated Coffee Mug ($30) or a 32 oz. Wide Mouth water bottle ($45) from Hydro Flask.

  6. 6.  Now, where to keep all of these awesome gadgets?

    At the end of any workday, no matter where you spent your time typing away, you really don’t want to stare at all of the items associated with work. An easy fix is to purchase a simple bin or basket to store all of these bed-desk accessories. The Container Store has a lot of options, including this Storage Cube ($40) which can easily be stored under or beside your bed.

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Despite these tips for how to transform your bed into a desk for Zoom University or remote internships, it’s important to acknowledge that spending the majority of your time in bed can decrease your sleep quality, productivity, and posture. That being said, it’s important to switch up where you work. Even so, with the right accessories, you can have the best of both worlds.

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