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5 Products You Need For The Ultimate Bedroom Glow-Up

Making the move from dorm life to an apartment is a big step. Add in a new job or internship on top of that and suddenly you’re living in stress city. While I might be constantly on Instagram and Pinterest looking for home decor inspo (hi, @prettydorms) the thought of actually purchasing new furniture and apartment decor seriously stresses me out. Where do you even start? How do I make my bedroom feel more grown-up? If you’re like me and had no idea where to even begin, listen up! I’ve rounded up the five best products that will take your bedroom from dorm to adult in a flash. 


Nest Bedding Flip Mattress RIKI Mirror/Big Blanket Co.

1. FLIP by Nest Bedding Mattress

The most important thing I do in my bedroom is sleep. Choosing which mattress to purchase for your first apartment can be a tough choice but I've got good news: Nest Bedding has introduced the world to a flippable mattress, and not just any flippable mattress, but a mattress with different levels of firmness on each side. That's right, it's "medium" on one side and "firm" on the other. It’s my indecisive dream come true! Bonus: it’s on Amazon and super affordable. Shop now.


Nest Bedding pillow Nest Bedding

2. The Easy Breather Pillow

There’s nothing worse than waking up with a crick in your neck. Say goodbye to stiff necks and invest in some ~quality~ pillows. These Nest Bedding pillows, just like their mattresses, are the perfect amount of soft, supportive, and breathable. Shop now.


silvon sheet set Silvon

3. Silvon Pillowcase + Sheet Set

Now that you’ve got your bed and pillow situation under control, let’s talk about what’s going to cover them. One thing I pride myself on is my skincare routine and when I found out that there’s a line of pillowcases and sheets specifically designed to level-up your skincare routine, I knew I had to have it. Silvon products are made woven with antimicrobial silver that’s proven to reduce acne-causing bacteria by 99.97% *and* keep the bad stuff that causes flare-ups and breakouts away from your skin. The best part is that they come in dreamy colors, so they’re also good for ~aesthetic~ purposes too. Shop now.


RIKI Skinny Mirror RIKI Mirror

4. RIKI Skinny Mirror

Having a dedicated space in my room for my beauty routine has been a major upgrade for me. I’m no longer standing in front of my tiny mirror in the bathroom just hoping my fluorescent lights aren’t doing me dirty. This mirror quite literally does it all—the LED lights have five dimming stages so you can see yourself in every light, it’s portable so you can travel with it and it comes with a 3x magnifying mirror attachment because those brows can be difficult. Then there’s also the Bluetooth selfie function and magnetic phone holder that allows you to take selfies, videos, or follow along in makeup tutorials. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Shop now.


Big Blanket Co Big Blanket Co

5. World’s Biggest Blanket

Gone are the days of not being able to have your blanket cover your shoulders and toes at the same time. This 10’ x 10’ monster is every binge watcher's dream. It’s literally 100 square feet of soft, plush, and stretchable blanket. Just warning you though, regular blankets will never look the same to you. Shop now.



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