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Sunday RUNday in NYC!


First of all, I’m only a little excited to be a New Balance Fitness Blogger for Her Campus.  I received all my new gear last week and this is just a little snapshot of me enjoying my two new (AH!) pairs of sneakers, tops, sports bra, shorts, and much much more.

This weekend, I spent some time in New York City visiting my friend Jonathan who goes to Columbia University.  Even when I venture from Long Island, I still try to make fitness a priority and squeeze in a little cardio.  What better place than Central Park, right?  With over 800 acres of trails, biking and running pathways, and the most goregous scenery around, Central Park is a runner’s paradise.

Who wouldn’t be motivated to run with all these people out and about staying fit?

So Jonathan (who acted as my running buddy and photographer – it takes skills to do both!) and I started out all the way up at Central Park’s northern-most point at 110th street and kept a steady jog to 59th street, the park’s most southern point.  After we finished what ended up being a little less than a three-mile run, we walked back through Central Park from 72nd Street all the way back to Columbia on 116th Street.

Uhmm, how official do I look in my New Balance Gear?

All in all, it ended up being over 2 hours of running, walking, and “fitnessy” activities!  Thankfully, it was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I can honestly say I’ve never spent a more enjoyable 2 hours working out!. Not only did I get a great cardio work out in as New Balance’s Holly Perkins suggested I do three times a week, but I got to see some of the most beautiful sights within our nation’s most visited urban park!

              [bf_image id="q7knyv-gc0zc0-7zpx19"]

Remember to stay hydrated!  And check out that NYC skyline!

I couldn’t be any happier with my first official work out and blog post as a New Balance Fitness Blogger!  Hopefully, this motivates some of you readers to get out and get active.  And look, I got a fabulous work out without hitting the gym!  Besides, who wants to be stuck in a gym on a beautiful day like this in New York City? 

OH!  And don't forget to tie your shoes and stretch thoroughly before you hit the trails -- an especially important tip for the accident-prone, like me!

So let me ask all my fearless fitness females out there, how do you stay fit away from home?

Peace, love, & fitness

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Andreya is a Broadcast Journalism major with minors in Spanish and English at Hofstra University, graduating in May 2012. Although she is a Broadcast major, Andreya has no reservations about exploring the many aspects of Communication. She has spent time at KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia, interned at a not-for-profit organization on Long Island, and worked for Hofstra's Office of Student Leadership and Activities this past summer coordinating the Welcome Week Celebration for incoming freshman. Despite a long list of outside activities, Andreya is also an active student within the Hofstra community. She is currently the Director of Alumni Relations for Alpha Phi Sorority, a station member and on-air host for the campus radio station WRHU, and a Teacher's Assistant for Hofstra's Writing Department. When she's not busy on-campus, Andreya spends the majority of her free time playing Fantasy Football, running, cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, and re-reading all of the Harry Potter series.
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