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Selena Gomez Turns Off Instagram Comments After Facing Backlash Over March For Our Lives Post

Like so many celebrities and the thousands of students, activists, and more that showed up to protest gun violence and promote gun control this past weekend, Selena Gomez attended the March for Our Lives in LA and strongly voiced her opinions across social media.

Unfortunately, Gomez received tons of backlash over her post on Instagram, which referenced the need for change and support for a movement that is quickly gaining massive involvement across the country. But it wasn’t her passionate demand to end the violence and her vocalization of her political views that caused such a negative reaction from fans, it was what came after—the use of the hashtag #notjustahashtag.


Hundreds of her followers and fans began filling the comments of her post and taking to Twitter to voice their outrage of what they perceived to be blatant hypocrisy on Gomez’s part.

The “Wolves” singer has been criticized in the past for her refusal to use the the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter because, in her opinion, hashtags don’t save lives. Now fans are calling her out again because this time around, she seems to think they do.

Having not voiced support for the Black Lives Matter Movement on social media, but now becoming involved in March for Our Lives, fans believe Gomez is a hypocrite for only discussing the issue of gun violence when it became prevalent in white communities.


Many are calling her sudden change of heart a representation of white privilege, and the recurring narrative of white Americans only beginning to care about issues when they become present in white communities. Issues of gun violence and police brutality have always been present in minority and marginalized communities, but only now are they becoming a widespread issue.



The students from Parkland are now using the attention they’ve been given as a chance to shine a light on communities where gun violence is a huge, unaddressed issue.

The problem of gun violence that is such a major factor in the #NeverAgain movement was just as strong a component of BLM. Fans were disappointed in Gomez’s lack of involvement in one movement and sudden vocalization of her views for another.

Selena has since turned off the comments on her Instagram posts, but has not responded to followers’ comments and questions.

Although her post has received so many negative comments, it has garnered more attention for the movement—a benefit that can’t be overlooked.

Feature Image / Selena Gomez on Instagram

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