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Nothing to Wear!

My closet is packed, but anytime I open the door, all I can think is, “I have nothing to wear.” What are some good ways to mix up your wardrobe so you don’t feel like you’re wearing the same thing all the time?

Don’t worry, I think every girl has this problem, I definitely do! My biggest advice is to stay organized. Because I am such a color person, I have my closet color coordinated. This helps me to easily mix and match my outfits, or choose what to wear based on color. Periodically clean out your closet and donate the clothing that you haven’t worn in a year (trust me if you didn’t wear it last year, I doubt you will this year!). Throwing things out will savor space for new items! I also have  three different “go to” outfits in case I am in a fashion rut (try to have your safe outfits consist of a casual outfit, going out outfit, and professional outfit to cover all possible fashion crisis when your in a rush). Invest in classic wardrobe pieces that you know will get you a lot of wear (i.e a black blazer you can easily throw on for work, or pair with a dress to go out at night).  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! A belt could change the whole look of your outfit, shoes could transform you from day to night, and a colorful purse may add that extra pop of color.

Jovana Mirabile is a fashion designer born and raised in Kansas, currently studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design and working out of New York City. She has been designing since the young age of 6, and has been creating and constructing her designs since she was 13. The 2009 Fusion Fashion Show marked Jovana's first showing in New York City. Jovana was one of fifteen student designers selected from Parsons School of Design to compete in the Fusion Fashion Show. Not only did her school win best design, but also Jovana was presented with the Fusion Award. Jovana was featured as a Midwest Super Teen in NextStepMagazine (2006) and received the BFA Deans Award from Parsons School of Design as well as the Guardian 2007 Girls Going Places Scholarship. Jovana was also a member of Nordstoms BP Fashion Board. At the age of 13, Jovana developed Fashionista Girls, a charity program aimed at inspiring young women to believe in themselves and embrace their true beauty. Since then she has continued to host her own fashion show in order to fund and expand her program. Jovana currently interns at Diane von Furstenberg (since 2008) and Michael Kors. This summer she will be interning in London for her design inspiration, Matthew Williamson, as well as studying at Central Saint Martins.
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