Yelp’s Newest Feature Just Made It Easier To Find Women-Owned Businesses

On the first day of March, also known as the start of Women’s History Month, Yelp announced a new woman-owned business tag that will make it easier for you to find and support local shops, restaurants and other businesses that are owned by women. 

According to Yelp’s official blog, the review app and website partnered with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, who is the creator of the Female Founder Collective. It’s a community of women-led businesses that aims to “enable and empower female owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically.” 

On launch day, the site automatically designated a couple thousand businesses as “Women-Owned,” including Drybar, Milk Bar, Glossier, Sprinkles Cupcake, and Pressed Juicery, Fortune reports. Any business owner can also log into their Yelp account to mark themselves as women-owned, and they can even submit a form by March 15 to get a window decal for display. 

For customers, the attribute shows up under the “More Business Info” section of a business’s Yelp profile. It also includes information such as whether or not the establishment takes credit cards, has gender neutral bathrooms, or offers parking. The newly-implemented feature will also introduce a diverse range of business owners, as Yelp confirmed to Bustle that women, female-identifying, and non-binary entrepreneurs can mark their business with the new tag if they wish to do so.

“In working with a major corporation like Yelp, we’re underlining our unified goal to close the economic divide,” said Rebecca Minkoff in a statement per Yelp. Out partnership aims to reach the most people—whether that be businesses self-categorizing as female led or consumers searching for female founded companies. Using Yelp to shine a spotlight on female founded businesses garners consistent support for them and stands at the core of this partnership.”

The new tag isn’t just here for Women’s History Month, but it is actually here for the long haul. So next time you are scrolling through the Yelp reviews, check out who the owner is.