This Woman Faked Having Cancer to Avoid Jail Time & Got Caught

A Connecticut woman is going to prison for...avoiding going to prison? The Associated Press reports that Aliyah Davis engaged in a "fraud and identity theft scheme" at Mass Mutual, where she was then employed. Fraud and identity theft are obviously crimes, so in 2014, Davis was sentenced in a federal court to four years in prison. But instead of actually serving that sentence, Davis decided to come up with a completely new scheme.

The AP reports that Davis was allowed to delay going to prison after telling prosecutors she had terminal cancer—which she definitely never had. Davis even forged signatures on multiple doctors' notes detailing her condition.

At the time of her initial sentencing, she was known as Theresa Sutherland. However, once her ridiculous plan was in motion, she changed her name to her Aliyah Davis—and then allegedly used the name change to get fraudulent unemployment compensation, according to the AP. Despite the name change, she was still connected to the false claims and will now be serving 30 additional months. Guess she shouldn't have tried to avoid jail time!