A Wine Advent Calendar Is Here & It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas Already

Advent calendars were hands-down one of the best parts of Christmas as a kid. Who knew you could get such joy out of eating one piece of chocolate a day until December 25th. Find yourself wishing you could be a kid again and ignore all of the stress that gift-shopping and Christmas-dinner-planning brings along? Aldi is now offering us childhood nostalgia and stress-relief with their revamped wine Advent calendars.

The calendars, which were only available in the UK last year, include 24 miniature bottles of red, white, rosé and bubbly wine. Plus, the variety’s amazing, from Malbec to Sauvignon Blanc, there are choices from all over the world -- enough to satisfy both your and your friends’ wine preferences (if you’re actually up for sharing). 

The excitement doesn’t stop there. If you’re going to be that extra and buy a wine calendar, you might as well take things a step further. Why not pair your wine calendar with the ultimate cheese Advent calendar for the ultimate cheese and wine themed Christmas extravaganza.

The cheese calendar offers just as much variety as the wine calendar, ranging from Gouda to Edam. Plus, it only costs $12.99. At $69.99, the wine calendars are a little more pricey than other options (but still totally worth it! Just think of all that wine!). They will be available in U.S. Aldis starting on November 7th. Christmas can’t come fast enough!


Lactose intolerant? Not a hard-core wineaholic? No worries, you won't be left out of the crazy Advent calendar trend. If you're a sucker for candles, why not try a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar? There's Pringles Advent Calendars if you find yourself craving something salty this holiday season. And for those who find themselves wishing they could buy up all of Sephora, there is even a Sephora Advent Calendar, with 24 beauty samples. What bliss! 

My inner-child is jumping up and down with excitement right now. It's still August but Christmas is only 120-ish days away so it's really never too late to get excited. Plus, you will want to make sure you get yourself to Aldi before they sell out!