Will You Be Voting For A President Chrissy Teigen Anytime Soon? 

TBH, the political climate is always shaky (to say the absolute minimum), and it’s hard to keep up. The search for the Bachelor or Bachelorette of the justice system (i.e. the ongoing search for the next Supreme Court Justice) ensues, so it’s difficult to keep up with our brackets for every political division. But, could there by a potential candidate who might be worth noting? Say activist, cookbook aficionado and general BA Chrissy Teigen?

That’s right: Bustle asked Chrissy Teigen if she's considering a run for political office in the near future. And, we’ve already sent in our over-eager cover letter, resume and eighth grade mathletes certificate to officially put in our candidacy as Chrissy’s campaign manager (we’d settle for volunteer, though).

During the interview with Bustle, Teigen noted that she doesn’t really want to be called a model (after all, she accomplished so much since her modeling days, and it feels ~weird~ to call her a model still). However, Teigen also talked about her political plans.

After Bustle asks her is she has any plans on running for office, Teigen says, “Well, I didn’t think it was possible before, but apparently anything is possible. [Laughs] Donald did it! I always thought John would be that person and then I would always joke to him, ‘I’m not capable of being a first lady," and now I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I could literally be the president.’ But no, I would never. [Laughs] Don’t worry, we deserve better than that.”

So, Chrissy Teigen might not add politician or president to her slash-filled professional attributions. Regardless, we can’t help but think about what Chrissy’s campaign slogan would be during her fictitious campaign trail or the amazing campaign memes that she'd inspire. 

Maybe in another timeline.