We Tried the New Cinnamon Pebbles, & They’re Delicious

Cereal is pretty much the emblematic food of college. So, of course, Her Campus takes any opportunity to try new cereals to see if they pass the stuffing-your-face-at-midnight-before-your-last-final test. Good news: Cinnamon Pebbles are now an option for both your breakfast and late-night-snacking needs, and they’re very good.

They’re sweet, but not too sweet—and cinnamon-y, but not TOO cinnamon-y. Basically, this cereal has a nice, understated cinnamon flavor that’ll probably appeal to anyone, even if cinnamon isn’t usually your thing. They'll taste awesome with some milk before class, and their small size also means they’re perfect for eating dry by the handful while you’re working on homework.

This yummy new twist on Pebbles will hit store shelves in January, so you can stock up on your way back to campus after the break.