Watch This Adorable Hero Toddler Try To 'Save' His Big Sister From Her Own Wrestling Match

If you have a sibling, you understand the unspoken rule: You can tease them and wrestle them, but no one else is allowed to. Watch this adorable video to witness some sibling love when a toddler saved his sister from her wrestling opponent. 

The video captures four-year-old Ruby Lewis’s first wrestling match in Columbia City, Indiana on Sunday, according to Huffington Post. However, her little brother Jash mistook the match for a real-life fight and wanted to rush to his sister's rescue. While the audience burst out laughing at the cuteness of it all, he valiantly tried to pull her opponent (a five-year-old named Ryan) off his sister before the referee and his Dad broke up the fight.

“That is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said an onlooker during the video.  

According to ABC News, the video went viral when Ryan’s mother, Tori Pendergast, shared the video on Facebook. It quickly gained 400,000 views in less than a week. It was captioned: “When the girl you're wrestling has a tough little brother, don’t mess with his sister.”

The two siblings clearly have an un-breakable bond.

“Some people’s kids are jealous of the next sibling down and neither one of mine have ever been that way,” Crystal Lewis (Ruby and Jash’s mom) told Fox News. “They’re always like, ‘That’s my sister.’ ‘That’s my brother.’”

We hope Jash put a smile on your face— because he certainly brightened up our day with his bravery!

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