UPDATE: Trump's Twitter Account Disappeared for Several Minutes & the Internet Obviously Loved It

For the briefest of moments on Thursday night, it looked like 2017 was finally taking a positive turn. As reported by ABC News, President Donald Trump's Twitter account disappeared for about five minutes, providing a sense of relief that I'm sure many people needed. 

The president's page vanished shortly before 7 p.m. Eastern time and less than a half hour after Trump's last tweet, which addressed his nomination of Jerome Powell to the Federal Reserve's chairman position. The account reappeared at approximately 7:04 with no evident changes made. 

Despite how brief the page's outage was, the Internet was obviously quick to celebrate its absence. You can always count on Twitter for some entertainment. 

Trump returned to tweet about an hour after the restoration, but covered the day's tax cut rollout rather than why his account disappeared. Several Twitter users believe that the outage was a result of Robert Mueller backing up the page's history for his Special Counsel investigation of Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election. 

Here's to 2017's newest unsolved mystery. 

UPDATE: Twitter has clarified that the account's brief deactivation was due to an "employee error." The company says that it is investigating the situation to ensure it won't happen again. 

Later, the company confirmed that the employee deactivated Trump's account on his or her last day working at Twitter.