A UK School's Message For People Who Were Against Their Refugee Scholarship Was A Real Elegant 'Go F-ck Yourself' To Intolerance

The British university, The University of Reading, announced a scholarship for refugees just last month, and they have no time for critics of the program.

According to Mashable, The University of Reading is offering 14 scholarships to local refugees. The university partnered with the Reading Refugee Support Group and Reading University’s Students’ Union to develop and spread awareness about the program. 

"The launch of these scholarships is another practical step the University has taken to welcome and integrate all people into our communities, our activities and our culture,” a professor at the university, Robert Van de Noort, said to Mashable

The college told critics of the program to “jog on” via Twitter this week. For those not familiar with British slang, IFLScience said in American English it roughly means “get lost” or "go f-ck yourself." The internet promptly fell in love with this response — and the simple, no nonsense response to intolerance. 

Considering the current debates surrounding refugees and immigration, the bold acceptance of refugees at their university is something to applaud.