Uh, So Apparently Ivanka Trump Might Want To Be The First Woman President

In a brief portion in Michael Wolff’s soon to be published book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,"  Wolff reveals that President Donald Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump might want to eventually be the first woman president—and we’re not sure how we feel about this.

The excerpt from Wolff’s book, which entails hundreds of interviews with President Donald Trump and members of his staff, was published in the New York Magazine.

After an interview with Ivanka, Wolff reveals in his book that, “If sometime in the future the opportunity arose, she’d be the one to run for president. The first woman president, Ivanka entertained, would not be Hillary Clinton; it would be Ivanka Trump.” Maybe Ivanka was inspired to run for office because of her father, or maybe she genuinely wants to make a positive change in the U.S. (hopefully that’s it).

Still, Glamour notes that Wolff’s book, although based on series of interviews, might not be accurate. Katy Tur, a journalist at NBC News, writes in a section of her tweet:

“Wolff is likely to face some serious questions and criticisms regarding his use of quotes. It does appear from the reading that he is in the room for many of the conversations he ends up quoting in the book but from the Author’s Note it sounds like they are recreations. How can he be sure the characters said what they said? Were the conversations recorded and played back to him? Did he cross confirm quotes with both parties or with others in the room? It is not clear from this Author Note. He also notes that the stories he is told often compete or conflict with one another. Despite that, Wolff says in some cases he’s let the source tell his/her version. The reader can decide if it’s true or false. That is concerning unless he makes it clear which stories are conflicting or are stories he can’t confirm.”

While the veracity of Wolff’s text might be questionable, Ivanka could be advancing toward those presidential aspirations. As the Elite Daily explains, Ivanka’s current White House involvement could be foreshadowing to her impending campaign trail. Does this mean her contribution to the Trump Administration could be considered a form of job shadowing?