UCLA Shooter Had a 'Hit List' That Included Two Professors and a Woman

New details emerge from the UCLA murder-suicide that happened Wednesday morning that shows that the attack was fully planned. USA Today reports that Los Angeles police have found a “kill list” in the home of the shooter in Minnesota that had three names on it: two professors from UCLA and a woman, who was allegedly once Sarkar's wife.

The Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said that the gunman, 38-year-old graduate student, Mainak Sarkar, drove to Los Angeles from Minnesota with two guns, killed Professor William Klug and then killed himself. 

Beck also said that the woman on the kill list was found shot dead in her home in Minnesota. NBC News reports that relatives identified the woman as Sarkar's estranged wife, 31-year-old Ashley Hasti. Hasti's uncle, Mark Fitzgibbons, told NBC that the couple had been separated for years. The other professor who was targeted is unharmed. 

KABC-TV reports that although the motive is unclear, police are focusing on the gunman’s grades and his relationship with his professor.