Tweet a Picture of Yourself to Seventeen Magazine and Support “Body Peace”

With bikini season right around the corner, Seventeen Magazine wants collegiettes to take on summertime without worrying about their body image. For the May issue, Seventeen has created Body Peace, a campaign to instill confidence in girls, regardless of what they’re wearing.

Seventeen has asked their readers to tweet a picture of themselves in a bikini with a peace sign drawn over a favorite part of their body. With a #17BodyPeace, tweet @seventeenmag and share why that aspect of the body gives you the most confidence. Don’t forget to attach your photo!

The advice could help inspire other girls to have better self-esteem on and off the beach.

Additionally, Seventeen Magazine created a Body Peace Treaty where girls can agree to make a series of promises, each related to not degrading their bodies for any reason.

Look out for the May issue of Seventeen to read about the results of the Body Peace campaign and see if your photo made it in!