This Tulane Fraternity Built a Trump-Themed Wall & Students Were Not Happy

Donald Trump may be promising to build a wall that separates the US and Mexico border, but these Tulane students actually did it. Too far? Too far.

According to USA TODAY College, the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity at Tulane University annually has their pledges erect a wall of sandbags around the fraternity house—But this year they decided to emblazon it with some Trump slogans. They faced intense backlash from Tulane’s student body, but argued that the words written on the wall were meant to mock Trump and that the whole thing was a big joke. Let’s just say that if you erect a mock version of the very wall Donald Trump is really, actually promising to build as the president of the United States, it's not that surprising when nobody laughs.

“This really pushed it overboard for students of color on campus. It’s one thing to see an endorsement of Trump on campus — that’s freedom of speech — but it’s another to see the wall when it’s a symbol of racism and oppression,” freshman Khristyan Trejo told USA TODAY College.


Writing “Make America Great Again” on the side of a giant wall outside your frat house­—not such a nice idea. Since then, the wall has been dismantled by students, who removed the hateful sandbags while fraternity members protested that they were trespassing on private property.

Interestingly enough, the fraternity won’t face any backlash from the Tulane administration, who seem to be defending the argument that the wall was supposed to be satirical.