The Trump Administration Will Announce Their Response To Syrian Chemical Attacks Soon

During a cabinet meeting on Monday, April, 9, President Trump denounced a chemical weapons attack on Syria that occurred over the weekend. President Trump expects to make a decision within the next two days about a military response, the New York Times reports.

The president called the attack “atrocious” and looked towards Russia when pointing fingers.  “We’re talking about humanity and it can’t be allowed to happen,” Trump said.

The chemical attack Trump denounced killed 49 people, according to the New York Times. As Russia and Syria deny Trump’s allegations, independent investigators are forbidden to inspect the site – and Trump is impatient.

So far, only France and Britain have officially denounced the attack, as other European countries keep quiet while tensions rise between Russia and the United States. To make matters worse, a second attack occurred early Monday morning in the Middle East, further provoking tensions.

The second attack was on a Syrian air base, allegedly conducted by Israel with “Iranian-backed militias.” While Israel has yet to comment on the attack, 14 people are confirmed dead.

And while officials discuss next steps, the Trump Administration is still in transition mode with new national security advisor John R. Bolton starting his job this week. Bolton has yet to comment on any decisions.