Truck Slams Into Bicyclists in Michigan, Leaving 5 Dead and 4 Wounded

Tragedy struck in Kalamazoo, Michigan after a pickup truck hit a group of cyclists on Tuesday evening. Out of the nine bikers that were involved, five were pronounced dead on the scene and four were sent to the hospital with serious injuries, ABC News reports.

Although the driver initially tried to flee the scene, he was found near the site of the calamitous hit-and-run just after 7 p.m, according to Fox News. As of now, investigators are simply describing the suspect as a 50-year-old man— his name or any other descriptions will not be released until police file official charges against him.

Apparently there had been several calls made to the local police earlier in the day about the truck, citing concerns about the suspect's erratic driving. 

All of the cyclists were adults, but the police are still currently working to identify those who were injured or killed. Bob Coffman, 68, told the Detroit Free Press that he would often wave hello to the same group of bicyclists, who rode by his house two or three times per week nearby the scene of the accident.

"It's terrible," said Coffman to the Free Press. "People just went out for a bicycle ride never expecting they weren't going to go home."

Let's hope the Kalamazoo police uncover more details in the following days of how this terrible accident happened and why the driver slammed into the unsuspecting cyclists.