Tiffany Trump Liked A Pic Of A Poster About The GOP Losing Midterm Elections & The Internet Lost It

Donald Trump’s youngest daughter is in the news - but it’s not necessarily about supporting him.

According to People, 24-year-old Tiffany Trump liked a photo from her verified Instagram account that showed a protester with a sign saying “Next massacre will be the GOP in the midterm elections.” The poster was from the March For Our Lives protest that took place on Saturday in New York.

Tiffany has not made headlines nearly as often as her siblings have and has kept a relatively low profile since her father was elected POTUS, according to People. She is a student at Georgetown Law School and according to Newsweek, has had no interest in politics besides speaking at the Republican National Convention in 2016. 

It is unclear if Tiffany has the same political views as her family, but some people believe that liking this sign on Instagram shows her stance:

If Tiffany is rebelling against her father (uh, #WelcomeToTheResistance?) by liking this post, expect to see a little bit more family drama coming out of the White House.