Three Americans Released From North Korea Are Meeting With President Trump

With the impending summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un swiftly approaching, Americans has been surveying the status of the U.S. citizens who were held hostage in North Korea. Shortly after Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, the three Americans have been released from North Korea.

CNN reports that on Wednesday, Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Kim San Duk (also known as Tony Kim) were released from Pyongyang, North Korea and began to make their way to their respective homes. 

According to The Guardian, Trump and First LadyMelania Trump eagerly awaited the trio’s arrival at Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base, early Thursday morning. However, Mike Pompeo, the US secretary initially traveled to Pyongyang on Wednesday in order to ensure the Americans’ safety.

While Dong Chul, Hak Song and Kim might seem happy as they pose with their peace signs on the tarmac, TIME notes that these men have been prisoners of North Korea for over a year. It’s been a turbulent journey to get these American back to the U.S.; however, the expedition isn’t necessarily over.

Extended negotiations between Trump and Jong Un will likely take place at the ambiguously slated summit. Nevertheless, The New York Times adds that, though a date has not yet been confirmed, the meeting will likely take place after May 22 (which is after South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in visits with Trump).