These Sports Bras Will Change The Workout Game

Whether you’re a yogi, runner, kick-boxer or skier, now Under Armour has the sports bra for you. Considered the “second chapter” to the “I Will What I Want” campaign, the new line of sports bras includes different designs to support all types of workouts.

"Sports bra campaigns can be pretty vanilla," said Adrienne Lofton, Under Armour’s senior vice president of brand marketing in a WWD article. “But this will be about crushing your workout and your life."

In the campaign’s ads, you’ll see familiar faces like Gisele Bündchen, Lindsey Vonn, Misty Copeland, Kelley O’Hara and Brianna Cope shutting down the haters with fierce motivational statements. Each ad portrays the women staying active in different ways, representing the bra line’s versatility. 

You can shop for bras that are perfect for low-impact workouts (yoga, Pilates, hiking, walking), those better mid-impact exercise (cycling, boxing, weights) and bras that will support you during high-impact activities (running, field and court sports). Each category of bra ranges in price, style and design so you can find a bra that perfectly fits you and your workout needs.

Besides just giving you the support you need, these bras are also about giving women confidence. According to Under Armour’s press release about the campaign: "Content from the campaign depicts each of these women and their declarations in overcoming doubt and setbacks related to their womanhood. The statements also give voice to what women everywhere want and need from their sports bras, a perspective that has often gone unheard."

No matter how you choose to stay active, Under Armour has the perfect bra for you. Now you can feel confident while you rock your workout!