These Long-Lost Brothers Found Each Other & Happen to be Attending the Same College

Two long-lost brothers just got the best gift of a lifetime. The two young men, who were separated as children, recently reconnected, and discovered that they live a mere 15 minutes from each other, attend the same university and have the same major and minor, ABC News reports.

Kieron Graham, 20, was adopted, and always wondered about his biological family. During an interview on Thursday morning with ABC’s Good Morning America, Graham said that his adoptive parents had always been open about his adoption, and that his mother, Sarah Graham, bought him a DNA test kit from so he could find and reconnect with his biological family.

According to NBC News, the test results came back a week ago, and it identified Vincent Ghant, 29, as being a highly likely match.

Graham said that he recognized the name and looked up Ghant on Facebook, and after discovering that they had the same birth mother, realized that they were in fact brothers.

“Growing up, my parents were always very open with my adoption so a few weeks ago, my adopted mom bought me a DNA test kit from Ancestry and last Tuesday I got the results and I was looking through and I recognized his name and I looked him up on Facebook and there he was. And I was just like, 'Wow,' finally after 20 years of thinking about it, there he was. It was amazing,” Graham said on Good Morning America.

But the crazy thing of it all is that, according to their interview on Good Morning America, it actually turns out the Graham and Ghant are both students at Kennesaw State University, and are both majoring in political science and minoring in legal studies. What are the odds?

During the interview, Ghant also talked about his memories of Graham since Ghant was already nine years old when Graham was born.

“My most vivid memory is seeing a baby smile for the first time and it was his smile, my brother,” Ghant said. “More memories that I had was helping my mom take care of him because she was a single parent at the time and we didn’t have much support. I remember helping my mom change the diapers and playing with him a lot. It was a great experience.”

Graham’s biological mother, Shawn Ghant, gave him up for adoption when he was only three months old, NBC News reports.

“At the time I felt like I could not give him what he needed,” Ghant said.

The two brothers described the moment they reconnected in person as “surreal” and “supris[ing],” with lots of “emotions running through [their] head[s].” But for now they are enjoying their time together, especially watching the Atlanta Falcons.

In talking about what they are most looking forward to now that they are reconnected, Ghant said on Good Morning America, “Creating a strong bond and taking this relationship to the next level. Just letting it blossom into something bigger. Our families have become huge because of this now. Since last week we’ve been inseparable. I’ve seen him nearly every day.”