These Fish Have More of a Social Life Than I Ever Will, FYI

I think it's weird when people say they are vegetarians but that they do eat fish. First of all that makes you a pescatarian, and second of all…Why? Why are fish different? It doesn't help that it has been shown recently that fish live even more complex lives than we thought. They form friendships, feel lots of emotions that cause them to easily get depressed and they also have impressive long-term memories. Fish are socially intelligent and I think we should start living our lives like the Pixar classic Finding Nemo suggests when they say, "fish are friends, not food."

Here is some proof that fish deserve better:

1. Fish feel much more confident confronting other animals when they are surrounded by their school of fish.

 Just like us when we are getting ready to confront someone, we need our crew to back us up and hold our earrings if necessary.

2. Fish do all kinds of weird shakes with their body to say hello to their friends!

 This is BASICALLY the same as a handshake or a high five, right?

3. Fish hit on each other by singing and doing art to impress their potential mate

Wow, I wish that’s how it was for humans….

4. When fish are alone they feel isolated and often get depressed.

Doesn't that make you feel so much better? We aren't the only animals who get depressed and want friends to support us when we are feeling down.

5. Fish consistently recognize themselves and their friends.

You know when you meet someone new and immediately forget their name? A fish would never do that.

6. Fish use tools to get what they want. Archerfish shoot water out of their mouths to hit bugs flying through the air and then eat them once they hit the surface of the water.

How cool is that?!

People have always viewed fish as less than other animals. You can win a fish as a prize at a fair and people often don't think that is weird, even though if it was another animal people would immediately freak out about how wrong it is. With all of this research coming out about fish's emotions and their interactions with each other, people should start to see that they are just as significant to society as any other animal.

Just because they aren't fuzzy and snuggly does not mean they are not important.

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