These Are Tinder's Most Popular Emojis

People everywhere who like to add a little ~excitement~ to their texts celebrated World Emoji Day on Sunday, July 17 (AKA the day that appears on the iOS calendar emoji). In honor of the day, Tinder published a list of the most popular emojis used on the dating app. 

"There is certainly a science to dating. When it comes to dating, the use of emojis provides people with fodder for conversations as well as a lighthearted way to express reactions or feeling," Tinder sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino explained in an interview with Tech Times. If emojis are the secret to finding a future S.O. on dating apps, then this top ten list should have everything you need in your arsenal to ace the Tinder game.

According to Bustle, Tinder users are huge fans of food-related emojis, including Slice of Pizza, Wine Glass, Hot Beverage (the coffee emoji) and Clinking Mugs of Beer. These emojis rank fourth, ninth, eighth and third on the list, respectively. No need to type out "Hey, let's grab a drink," when a simple, miniature picture of some red vino will do just fine. If you're feeling really brave, add in the Slice of Pizza emoji. Any worthwhile Tinder crush would never say no to pizza and wine! 

The Dancer emoji comes in at number ten on the list, while the Multiple Musical Notes emoji has number seven locked down. So far, it looks like food and music are the way to a Tinder user's heart. 

Number six is the Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes, showing that users are not afraid to show their feelings for their matches...or their feelings for pizza dates. 

Next on the list is the Earth Globe Americas emoji. You can use it as a symbol for a general love of travel across the globe, especially if you're looking for a match who shares your ~Wanderlust~. 

The second most popular emoji used on Tinder is the Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration. Cheers to Tinder users for sending positivity to each other and praising how great their match is!

The first emoji on the list, as in the most popular emoji among Tinder users, is none other than the Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes. This is the one you probably use when BAE says something super cute.