There's a 'Ghosted' Halloween Costume & I Feel So Seen

Ghost Halloween costumes are nothing new — what's more classic than a sheet with two holes cut out? — but thanks to a term that's recently risen in popularity, there's a new costume that combines the horrors of both ghosts and getting ignored. 

Yes, there's really a "Womens Ghosted Costume," courtesy of Party City. The website's description says it all, really: "If someone's blowing up your phone, ghost them in a Ghosted Costume for women! The costume is a hooded white dress designed to look like a ghost with a series of unanswered texts on the front." 

ICYMI, "ghosting" is basically ending a relationship by cutting off all communication without any explanation. 

The costume is $24.99 — a small price to pay for being hashtag relatable. 

Twitter (as always) had mixed reactions.