There's Footage Of Andy Dick Groping Ivanka Trump On Live TV & It's Really Gross

Earlier this week, comedian Andy Dick was charged with one count of sexual battery and one count of simple battery for making an inappropriate comment to a woman who was walking by him on the street. The victim reported that he touched her as well, and made unwanted advances, according to Variety

The comedian was recently fired in October from the indie film, “Raising Buchanan,” for sexual harassment and misconduct allegations.

In light of his recent charges and long history of sexual harassment, a video from a 2007 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! resurfaced, and Dick can be seen groping Ivanka Trump.

Trump was appearing on the night-time talk show to discuss her father’s reality television series, "The Apprentice," and minutes into the interview Dick began to rub her leg and said to her, “You don’t play up the glitter on your legs?"

Trump immediately laughed it off and brushed his hand away. But for the remainder of the interview she covered her thighs with her hands and Kimmel even interjected at one point by saying, “Andy, don’t, please, don’t touch Ivanka.” Things escalated and he was removed from the interview by security, according to PEOPLE

Dick addressed the interview in December of last year with a long Instagram post and said, “The time I 'groped' Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her legs were sparkling, and I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off. I also mistakenly thought she would date me. I was jokingly carried off by security.”

He never apologized for his inappropriate behavior, and went on to address President Donald Trump’s long-standing history of sexual harassment and the double standard that he feels he has been the recipient of.

Regardless, it goes without saying that you should never touch another person without their consent. Period.