There's a Chipotle Rewards Program Coming Soon

If your favorite way to treat yourself is heading over to Chipotle for dinner, then you might be in luck: Chipotle is coming up with a rewards program that will give you free stuff for being a loyal repeat customer, according to Cosmopolitan.

The past year has arguably been difficult for the beloved Mexican grill, which has been trying to recover from several outbreaks of E. coli and Norovirus that scared customers away.

Chipotle reported a loss of $26 million in the past three months, which Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle's chief development and creative officer, believes stems from a decrease in frequency of visits by their top customers. The New York Post reports that 57 percent of frequent customers haven't visited the chain during the past three months. This rewards program will be an attempt at getting them back. It could very well work, because after all, who doesn't jump at the chance to get double stars at Starbucks when they're having a promotion? Even if you're spending more money than you usually would, it doesn't quite feel like it if the money will get you closer to free stuff.

There aren't many details about the program yet, but get ready to start hitting up Chipotle a lot more in the coming months—you know a free burrito bowl will be just the incentive you need.