There’s a Scientific Reason Why We’re Obsessed with One Direction

When we were little, we loved *NSYNC (or maybe it was Backstreet Boys). Through our tween years, the Jonas Brothers were all we could think about. Now we’re ever so slightly obsessed with One Direction (even without Zayn). Do we just have impeccable taste in music, or is there another theme in our evolving boy band love? According to Paul Hokemeyer, a Manhattan-based relationship therapist, there’s a scientific reason we keep falling for groups of adorable singing boys.

“This has to do with neuroplasticity and the way our brains crave the pleasures of our past,” Hokeymeyer told Women’s Health. “If your brain was imprinted with a pleasurable cause and effect, it will desperately hold onto that memory recall.” Basically, if you fell in love with a boy band when you were younger, you’re more likely to fangirl over another one in the future. 

Even our unreasonably large heartthrobs can be explained. According to Brad Taylor, owner of Big Machine Agency, boy bands are selected, dressed and coached to appeal to all women, no matter how old they are.  “Boy bands are the dream package,” Taylor said. “They’re put together so that every woman, no matter her age, is attracted to something in the group.” So while you might have loved JT’s voice during your *NSYNC phase, your mom might currently appreciate One Direction’s style.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we have a sweet spot for choreographed dance moves and sappy love songs. At least now we can use science to justify our boy band crushes (and continue to pray for reunion tours).