There Is A New Drink To Order On Starbucks Secret Menu & It Tastes Just Like Peaches And Cream

Starbucks not-so-secret, secret menu has opened us all to a whole world of beverage possibilities. First, there was the Pink Drink, then there was the Purple Drink, and then the Orange drink followed suit. The Pink Drink alone became so popular that Starbucks made it an official drink on their menu. Now, the “secret menu” has added the White Drink that tastes just like peaches and cream if you know exactly what ingredients to asked for. 

The White Drink or the Peach Citrus White Tea is similar to the chains Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion, according to Delish. Fans have blended fruit flavors like peach into the Starbucks Iced White Tea. Spoon University reports that the tea blend has zero carbs and sugar, but the liquid sugar makes it a big no-no for those on a keto diet. For Starbucks lovers who are on the keto diet, The White Drink is keto-friendly! All you have to do is substitute the sugar for sugar-free vanilla syrup or asking for it unsweetened.


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How do you order it though? You simply just ask your barista for unsweetened Peach Citrus White Tea with a splash of heavy cream; at least 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup; no water; and light ice. As well, you can customize it anyway you’d like, and some have even tried the creation blended.

An Instagram user posted that it tasted like “liquid peach cobbler”. Someone else compare the tea to Disney’s Peach Milk Tea from Epcot (btw, that tastes AMAZING). Someone even thought they’d been given the wrong drink because it taste so good. 

Even though I’m not on keto, I just might have to try this on my next Starbucks run. Peach and cream flavor, sign me up!