Taco Bell Shredded Cheese Is A Thing & Your Tacos Will Never Be The Same

It was practically life-changing, when Taco Bell introduced Fire Sauce, Baja Sauce, and their soft and crunchy tortillas in stores. But now, Taco Tuesday is about to get a whole lot zestier. 

Taco Bell is selling a new line of shredded cheeses in the grocery store, so you can spice up any taco or quesadilla right from your home. The Taco Bell shredded cheeses come in four types: Zesty Ranch, Salsa Verde, 7-Layer Blend, and Breakfast Fiesta. I don’t know about you, but I have my eyes on the ranch flavor. According to Delish,  all of the flavors are available at Meijer for $3.49.


The Zesty Ranch has a combination of shredded Monterey Jack cheese and ranch seasoning. The Salsa Verde mixes a variety of shredded cheeses, including Monterey Jack, sharp white cheddar, sharp cheddar, and mild cheddar cheese, and spices it up with salsa verde seasoning. Cheese will never be the same after the 7-Layer Blend of shredded mild cheddar, sharp white cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero, low-moisture mozzarella sharp cheddar, and queso quesadilla cheeses. Finally, upgrade brunch with the Breakfast Fiesta. It’s the perfect blend of shredded cheddar cheeses, bacon, and an added smoke flavor. 

Forget Taco Bell drive-thrus, I can’t wait to put these cheeses on literally everything from the comfort of my kitchen. Omelets, salads, mac and cheese, pizza and tacos will never by the same!