Taco Bell Announced Nationwide Delivery & You'll Never Want To Leave Home Again

Taco Bell is great. That is just a fact. But you know what makes a great thing even greater? Not having to leave your house to go get it.

Taco Bell’s parent company Yum! Brand’s partnership with GrubHub now allows 65% of TB restaurants across the US to deliver right to your door. While we’re sure this is a service you’ll want to use into infinity, there’s some advantage of taking advantage of it in its early stages. To promote the new service, Taco Bell is offering free deliveries for any order over $12, but only for a limited time.

According to a video from Bloomberg’s TicToc, Taco Bell might have some competition on its hands. Chipotle also has delivery also has delivery, and while its reach may not extend as far as Taco Bell’s it is four minutes faster, which may seem small but when you’re starving makes all the difference.

But speed may not be as much of a problem for Taco Bell as it used to be. Forbes reports that back in 2015 Taco Bell made its first attempts at small scale deliveries.

The service was in high demand, but orders took as long as 40 minutes to be completed. To help meet the crazy demand and wide scale, GrubHub added more drivers to Taco Bell, so that it won’t take forever for you to get your Nacho fries.

Julie Felss Masino, president of Taco Bell, was quoted in Delish expressing enthusiasm for the expansion, explaining "Our approach to delivery is a recipe for success all around...Not only benefiting our customers but also our team members, franchisees, and GrubHub drivers by streamlining how orders hit our kitchens and when they are picked up."