Survey Reveals that Women are More Likely Than Men to Suggest Open Relationships

A recent survey about users revealed that in two-thirds of relationships, women were the ones who suggested being open. OpenMinded's founder, Brandon Wade, said that this has to do with women "preserving their relationships at all costs." However, we're not sure this is the case. Maybe women just want to fulfill their sexual needs. There are multiple benefits of open relationships including:

1. They are linked to being happier

A study in 2014 revealed that people in consensual non-monogamous relationships were happier than those in exclusive relationships.

2. They are linked to being healthier

People in open relationships also reported feeling healthier. (Note: there were no medical results to back this up)

3. They build communication skills

Rather than keeping things secret, people in open relationships communicate better than those in exclusive relationships.

Sounds pretty promising, right? Would you be open to a non-monogamous relationship, collegiettes?