Subway is Getting Rid of Their $5 Footlong Again, So Say Goodbye To the Best Ad Jingle Ever

Subway is officially killing the hopes and dreams of all foot-long lovers across the country again. I personally feel victimized because I never walk away from a trip to Subway with anything less than a foot-long, chips and a cookie. So, my bank account just took a hit.

You might remember this similar feeling of hurt and sorrow because Subway had taken this deal away in 2016, years after its introduction. They brought it back in early 2018, and now are likely to be taking it away once again. So, like all of you may be feeling, I am pretty shaken from these changes.

But, anyway, for the hard hitting news: According to Fortune, Subway announced that starting this month they will be giving freedom to individual franchises to decide whether or not to keep the discounted price. The franchises around the country have always had the option to opt out of this discount,even though it would seriously upset customers (like me).

Realistically, it is argued, as Forbes noted, that it’s difficult for Subway stores to make enough of a profit with this $5 footlong deal with other stressors like rent, food and labor costs.

On a promising note, Lisa Oak, who worked directly with the co-founder and CEO of Subway, told Forbes that she is, “sure the company leadership and Subway franchisees are ready to launch new cutting-edge initiatives to address the company’s current needs."

Obviously, we are all a little taken aback by this news, but, if it’s going to keep Subway around for as long as possible, I will accept it. We saw the loss of hundreds of Subway locations during 2017 and this past year, so we have to accept the responsibility the company is taking to keep themselves around. I will still get my foot-longs and will probably still sing the catchy jingle every time too, $5+ or not.