This Student Was Excited That Her Textbook Belonged To Blake Shelton While Her Mom Side-Eyed How Old It Was 

A seven-year-old Latta Elementary School student got a sweet surprise when she opened her textbook to discover that “The Voice” coach, Blake Shelton was once a previous owner.

Marley, a first grader at the Ada, Oklahoma school was quick to show off of her new book to her family, but her mother and former educator, Shelly Bryan Parker, was a little disheartened by what she saw. 

She posted the following image to Facebook with the caption, "Marley is EXCITED that her 'new' reader belonged to Blake Shelton, but I am EMBARRASSED!!!! I'm 40 and these people are my age!!"

“Look Away (Keys to Reading)” by Louise Matteoni is very educational and still in good shape,” Bryan Parker, told CNN, ”My daughter's teacher is an amazing educator, and I'm certain that if she had a way to obtain books that are not 40 years old, she would." 

The photo went viral in the state of Oklahoma and likely so due to the nature of the current public education system. According to CNN, “Hundreds of teachers in Oklahoma on Thursday packed the state Capitol on the fifth consecutive day of a walkout to protest for more funding.” The lack of facility maintenance and outdated textbooks and equipment were a large reason for the protest. 

Parker says, "I just want the state to come to a resolution that will fully support teachers and their classrooms. As a former educator, this is very important to me. But as a parent, this is crucial as I want the best education for my daughter.”

Oklahoma is not the only state that is feeling the heat from their educators for the lack of funding and support, and hopefully Bryan Parker’s viral photo can shed a real light on the issue.