Sorority Woman Kidnapped and Beaten by Her Tinder Date

This is important news for all Tinder users. A Kansas college student is accusing a 30-year old man she met on Tinder of battery and kidnapping her,  according to BuzzFeed News. She was reportedly held captive in his trailer for a week.

The two had gone on one normal date before the incident occurred. On April 12, the man reportedly picked the student up at her sorority and drove her to his trailer. There they smoked marijuana with a few of his friends, with whom he accused her of flirting. When the other men left the suspect beat her and would not let her leave, saying that she had to wait for her wounds to heal before she could be returned to school. He also allegedly choked her and forced her to contact her friends through Facebook to make them believe she was fine.

She appeared back at her sorority on April 18, beaten and bruised.

[She] stated she felt she could not escape due to Allen being next to her the entire time, her cell phone not working, she did not know where she was, and because she was too ‘high, stunned, and exhausted,’” BuzzFeed reports the police affidavit stated.

She was allowed to leave after days of begging for her freedom in exchange for her silence on the incident, but the man, Shane Steven Allen, has now been arrested.

This incident shows how important it is never to go on a Tinder date without a working phone or a ride home. You really can meet some pretty creepy people on Tinder.