This Shrine To Danny DeVito Discovered In A College Bathroom Is Both Weird & Marvelous

Given the stress and intensity of college life, it’s not uncommon to see something odd or inexplicable around campus. For SUNY Purchase students, however, the recent discovery of a shrine to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Danny DeVito in one of the university’s bathrooms has to top the list as one of the weirdest campus sightings of the year, if not, ever.

The shrine, Mashable reports, is accessible through a hole in the wall, which is concealed behind a paper towel dispenser. Behind the dispenser lies an abandoned, graffiti-filled room, where the shrine sits in one of the corners.  It consists of a photo of DeVito taped to the wall next to a miniature cut-out of the actor and a sign that reads "Leave An Offering for Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trash Men." According to Fox, Some of the offerings surrounding the shrine include iTunes gift cards, a whoopee cushion, and a pack of Pop Rocks.  

VICE identified the creator of the shrine as SUNY Purchase sophomore Phillip Hosang. Hosang’s decided to make the shrine after he visited the men’s bathroom that he was told allegedly contained a secret room.  Upon entering the room, he was immediately inspired to use it to hide something strange and eye-catching for others to find. The room’s state of disarray led him to conclude that DeVito would be the perfect subject for his shrine. He said “Because of all the trash—if you know Always Sunny, you know that Danny DeVito is known as like the trash man—I was like, 'This is just the perfect person to go with. He’s just weird enough that people would accept that this was a thing.'" 

Unfortunately, since news of the shrine got went viral, it’s entryway was permanently sealed, but not before the shrine managed to get the attention of its patron saint: Danny DeVito, himself. In a tweet, he said he felt honored by the shrine, writing “my heart is filled with love and garbage.”

Sadly, nothing gold can stay. But, at least, Mr. DeVito was honored for a brief and beautiful time by these inspiring students.