Sasha Obama's First Name Isn't Actually Sasha & People Are Struggling to Deal

After eight years, we may have thought we knew everything about the Obama family. Not so: the internet is extremely shook after finding out that Sasha Obama’s legal first name isn’t Sasha.

Sasha is actually just a nickname, with Natasha being the former first daughter’s real name, according to Mashable.

But Hello Giggles reports this isn’t technically the first time word has gotten out about Sasha’s real first name. When Sasha got a summer job on Martha’s Vineyard in 2016, she reportedly went by Natasha while working.

So why are we hearing about it again now? It’s all thanks to an innocent tweet shared by writer Ashley Ford that quickly went viral.

A year later, the rest of the internet finally caught up on this bit of trivia and is overwhelmed, to say the least.

Some users were already in the know and were less than impressed by their peers lack of knowledge.

One user even had a theory that the nickname Sasha was actually inspired by Beyonce’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce.

Whatever the case, the internet needed some Obama news to freak out over after another long week of updates from the current White House. Thanks, Natasha!