Read Sen. Kamala Harris's Response to a Her Campus Writer's Open Letter

Two weeks ago, writer Vicky Silva of Her Campus at Cal State LA wrote "An Open Letter to Senator Kamala Harris," asking her to keep fighting against unjust policies from the Trump administration. Read Sen. Harris's response below.

Dear Vicky,

Thank you for your letter and your willingness to speak out. It is important that your voice is heard.

I believe we are at an inflection point in the history of this country when our actions will determine what kind of nation we are and what the future of America holds. Will we embrace our history as a nation that welcomes immigrants who strengthen our economy and our communities? Or will we shut our doors to those fleeing oppression, violence, or in search of a better life.

Will we build on the progress we’ve made toward affordable health care for all people, including the right for women to make their own health care decisions? Or will we eliminate the protections that have helped keep millions of young people on their family plans until age 26 and prevented insurance discrimination.

Vicky, like you, I am concerned about the future but more resolved than ever to take up the fight. I am heartened by young people like you who are standing up too.

You have a powerful voice. Stay involved in the problems that are facing your community and make your opinions known to those in places of power. We have already seen what it looks like when millions of Americans come together and demonstrate who we are. Keep it up. You inspire me.


Senator Kamala D. Harris