Pumpkin Spice Wings Are Officially Here & We're High-Key Confused

Okay I get it. Pumpkin spice is a fan favorite. It is a nice flavor to drink and pair with some, SOME, food. But, what I cannot begin to understand is where this nice new fall drink has become such an insane frenzy. Where has our sense of taste gone?

Pumpkin spice has been added to just about anything you can imagine food wise. In the spirit of jumping on this bandwagon, Buffalo Wild Wings has introduced their new monthly flavor and it is of course pumpkin spice. They will now have BBQ pumpkin ale sauce smothered over perfectly good chicken wings for all of October.


Why is this combination of cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg and clove so unbelievably obsessed over? We truly don’t know. BBC suggests its due to a combined force of nostalgia, media coverage, hype and clever marketing. So I guess we’re adding to the fire of PSL. It’s been 15 years since Starbucks came out with the revolutionary latte, and our news feeds have truly never been the same.

Just for a nice mathematical understanding of this enormous industry, pumpkin spice everything made $488.8 million of the 12 month calendar before August 25th, 2018. This saw a 15.5% growth from the previous year. Pumpkin spice truly can’t be stopped.


So, now Buffalo Wild Wings has decided to try their hand at this trend and we can’t blame them. But, seriously, who wants to add pumpkin to meat? I can’t begin to understand. Guess we’ll have to get used to it though because pumpkin spice is clearly not going anywhere.