Police Have Arrested a Man Who Was Allegedly Secretly Living in His Ex's Attic Before Attacking Her

Authorities believe a 21-year-old Louisiana man, who has been arrested for stalking and domestic abuse, hid in his ex-girlfriend’s attic for an unknown amount of time before attacking her in her home.

Cosmopolitan reports police from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office found bedding, food and bottles of urine in the victim’s attic, which led them to believe he had been living there before his attack on May 3.

Police say the alleged stalker, Taylor Broussard, punched his ex several times in front of a child and threatened her with a knife. He then stole her purse, phone and SUV and fled, according to the New York Post.

Just a few days before the attack, the police had been called to the ex-girfriend's home when Broussard was accused of breaking in without her permission. It wasn't until they investigated further that police found the items in the attic and realized he'd probably been hanging out in the house all along.

Broussard was arrested Wednesday in Baton Rouge and faces a huge list of charges, including stalking, domestic abuse, home invasion and theft, according to Cosmo. Hopefully his ex is okay after what was surely an absolutely harrowing few weeks.