Polar Now Has Mythically-Inspired Flavored Seltzers, & They Sound Like Heaven on Earth

Hogwarts is just one sip away with new drinks from Polar Beverages. The Massachusetts-based company is releasing four mythically-inspired seltzer flavors called Dragon Whispers, Mermaid Songs, Yeti Mischief and Unicorn Kisses. I don't know what those taste like but I can't wait to try them—do you think Mermaid Songs tastes like salty sea water?

Polar is advertising its new Polar Seltzer Junior assortment as being able to "leverage the unmet demand for sparkle and happiness." You can say that again. They will be available at select stores (Polar has not yet said which stores) while supplies last in junior-sized eight-ounce six packs. The company will probably release the seltzers in New England stores, but don't let that stop you! People are already selling these on eBay.


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We're already going crazy over the brand-new flavors. This woman below stocked up the trunks of her car full of the new Polar seltzers. That's dedication!

So what exactly do these flavors taste like? According to Boston Magazine, Mermaid Songs "smells and tastes like a cross between Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish," Dragon Whispers "reveals notes of strawberry, and perhaps some tropical fruits" and Yeti Mischief "tastes just like Hawaiian Punch…only not so sweet." Polar released the Unicorn Kisses flavor last year and brought it back this summer after its huge success. Apparently it tastes like candy and melon, specifically Green Apple Jolly Ranchers and Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon foam soap. SOLD.

Same, I can't wait to get my hands on these magical seltzers!