People Thought A Whole Bunch Of Animals Got Loose At A German Zoo & Obviously It Was Wild

Twitter moments provide us with hard hitting news stories that keep us informed with what’s going on in the world...and sometimes Twitter moments just straight up have us laughing our a**es off. Today’s lmao Twitter moment is brought to us from Lünebach, Germany, from the Eifel Zoo.

Obviously a flood is not funny and we do hope everyone is safe who was affected by it. However, there was a big misunderstanding as to what animals actually escaped the zoo. This is where it gets hilarious.

By the end of these tweets and stories, I was cracking up. Not only did none of the animals they thought escaped actually escape but the bear was the only one who managed to get out of its enclosure! Wtf is going on over there Germany? We’ll just keep LOL’ing with you guys until you figure it out.