Paul Manafort Allegedly Tried To Tamper With Witnesses, According To Special Counsel

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller said in a court filing that former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, tried to tamper with witnesses, according to Reuters

A witness told investigators that Manafort asked them to commit perjury about a lobbying effort that they worked on, and CNN reported that Manafort tried to get multiple other witnesses to lie for him in court. 

A spokesperson for Manafort told CNN, “Nothing about this latest allegation changes our defense. We will do our talking in court.” Manafort has been on house arrest while he awaits his trials. 

As part of the investigations into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, Manafort has already been indicted by Mueller with allegations from money-laundering to tax fraud. Manafort pleaded not guilty to those charges, Reuters reported. 

Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered Manafort and his team to be prepare to appear in court on June 15 for a new hearing where she is expected to consider the accusations of witness tampering, according to NPR.